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Diabetic Supplies

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Washington Shop Pharmacy takes care of you in all aspects of your health.  Thus we provide you diabetic management. We can help you with the management of your diabetes. We provide you all the medical supplies needed such as:

  • insulin injections
  • syringes
  • blood glucose meters
  • diabetic shoes
  • diabetic socks
  • glucose test strips
  • glucose monitor kits
  • insulin pump supplies
  • diabetic foot care
  • books in diabetic management
  • diabetic teaching tools
  • dietary supplements
  • sugar substitutes
  • health monitors
  • pen needles
  • pens

You can also ask our pharmacists about diet and nutrition for diabetic patients.  Our inventory also includes sugar substitutes and medications specially developed for those with Diabetes Miletus.

Washington Shop Pharmacy serves with excellent quality and at a reasonable price. You’ll get the value of what you pay for only from our pharmacy.

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