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90 Washington Street
East Orange, NJ 07017

Phone: (973) 676-0800
Fax:    (973) 676-1408
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Why Choose Us

Visit us at Washington Shop Pharmacy! You’ll find just what you need to manage your health effectively just as prescribed for you by your physician or health care provider.

At Washington Shop Pharmacy, you’ll benefit from these features:

  • Fast and efficient when fulfilling your prescriptions
  • Affordable medications and generic plans
  • Available parking spaces for customers
  • Assistance from pharmacists when looking for hard-to-find medications or healthcare supplies
  • Consultation with pharmacists on your medication plan
  • Delivery services for patients who transfer or have current prescriptions with Washington Shop Pharmacy

We look forward to serving you when you drop by. Please call Washington Shop Pharmacy for your inquiries – (973) 676-0800.

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